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Date Posted:24/07/2010 11:03 PMCopy HTML

seems been awhile since anybody has gotten rated xD so here you guys go! have at'er ^.^

ED.png picture by starryeyezsixx
made this for one of my rich bitches, lmao! i like the colours, about it

CR.png picture by starryeyezsixx
made this for Ducky. In a way i like it, in a way i don't.

AW.png picture by starryeyezsixx
Made this for my Snookie xD went as grudge as i could while tryna keep it sophisticated and innoncent

RRtop.png picture by starryeyezsixx
this is actually a HTML top. This be curtis's daughters. Again, i like but i don't xD
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Re:xx__me.turn xD

Date Posted:03/08/2010 8:28 PMCopy HTML

My only critique of them would be that they are brushed and appear to be filtered so much that you can't really see the faces of people used.  Other than that they are cool.  I like the edge they have to them.
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Re:xx__me.turn xD

Date Posted:03/08/2010 9:48 PMCopy HTML

Elena - 8.5/10
I don't think the font fits the banner, and it is purdy but could do with a little more going on.

Curtis - 7.5/10
I like this banner but the font for the name reeeeeally kills it. Again, it could do with a little more going on. Or maybe it's just the font lol.

Angelisa - 9/10
Definitely grungy lol, I really love it, the grunge, the colours, but unfortunately I don't like the font, again =( A different font and it could have been a 10

Ryann - 9/10
I love love this one, the only thing is like the red at the edges, maybe it's to look right with the html but it looks weird by itself lol.
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Re:xx__me.turn xD

Date Posted:07/08/2010 8:33 PMCopy HTML

Okay this bastardo computer just went retarded on me.

Elena:  I love this.  I love the colors.  I love the fact that it's simple chic and it still looks good.  Amazingly enough simple is so hard for people to pull off. 

Curtis:  Love the fact that you used Willie Nelson.  The grey works really nicely.  But I think maybe a dark grey instead of black on the font and I just don't think the particular font works out very well.

Angelisa:  I saw this and the first thing that came to mind was "hot mess".  But then it started to sink in.  I like how it pops but the black lines are a bit too heavy in places.  The font works for the slogan, but for the name, I would have gone scripty.

Ryann:  I just can't get behind this one.  I want to but it's just not happening for me.  It's too harsh and the subject gets lost under everything that's going on.  Plus you've got this really hardcore look and then you throw in butterflies. 
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