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Date Posted:17/03/2011 11:25 PMCopy HTML

I made this banner when i first came back so this was my first banner back as a designer... but i felt maybe im in need of a rate... please.. dont be rude.. unless ya have tooo

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Re:rate pleashhhh

Date Posted:18/03/2011 12:18 AMCopy HTML

I'm going to take a swing at it and say you used blur on this.  It's a bit too much.  You probably could have done without the two box pics, they seem superfluous.  To me, pixel fonts running vertical just doesn't look good.  Also, too much on the outline of your pixel fonts.  This is a recurring theme in your work.  Must be a trademark.  I like the effect on Sage, but the overlapping to me, not so much.  Maybe lower the visibility on your tags too.  I know you wanna advertise but it being right out there, it's the first thing I notice.  Well aside from the "I just shit my shorts" expression on the 2nd box pic.
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