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Date Posted:19/04/2011 4:42 AMCopy HTML

Name Leah Marie
Designer Name She Wants Revenge
Age Nineteen
E-Mail Address PickUpTheLieYouLikeBest [at] hotmail [dot] com
Places where you have worked Sexual Tension & Down and Dirty Designs [[all that i can remember]]
Why you want to work here it seems to be a good sturdy site and transitioned from MSN Groups to Aimoo
What you design All banners/blends [[male, female, fed]] and Roleplay Layouts
What program you use PSP 7.04 and PS 7
How long have you been designing 6+ Years
9 Samples

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Re:mayy i come back please :(

Date Posted:20/04/2011 9:16 AMCopy HTML


Welcome back, hope things went well for you and the new baby! =) I'll get your things up asap, my net's a bit messed up so it might take a while, sorry
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