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Date Posted:09/08/2010 11:57 PMCopy HTML

Ok, so here is the latest batch of stuff being presented for the jury:

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Re:Time for More Thoughts!

Date Posted:10/08/2010 7:15 AMCopy HTML

You're getting crowded again Jon. 

Mari 1:  The texture is too hard and I don't like how her legs show on top of her chin, I'd almost rather wonder where her legs are.  But the placement overall is good.  As much as I detest yellow, it works with this one.

Jake:  Again, too hard on the texture.  Way crowded.  Yellow and black on this, not so much.  And just for shits and grins, does this dude stuff rolled up socks down his shorts or what?  Anywho, not one of your betters.

Zaine:  Other than the font I kinda like this one.  It's odd, but not a bad odd.

Phoenix 1: Reso's head in this, it's just wrong.  I don't like the font either.  I do like the one colored pic tho.

Melissa:  Like the colors.  But not so much on everything else.  One pic banners always seem to be a pain in the ass.

Christine:  I like the idea behind the slogan, though I probably would have put it around the main pic.  Texture is a bit heavy.  I like the color effect on the main font, but not the font itself.  Similar issues with the placements of the pictures.  High points and low points.

Phoenix 2:  There is just too much going on with this one.  The fonts are just wrong, at least on the name.  The idea is a good one, but you kinda missed the execution.  I'm not going to bs you, you know you can do something better than that. 

Mari 2:  You almost got it on this one.  More of an outline on the main font but keep the effect.  Maybe a little smaller on the slogan.  Like the fading into nothing border you did.  But I'm not loving, or even liking, the really heavy stars that you put right on top of her face, maybe if they were a little lighter.
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Re:Time for More Thoughts!

Date Posted:10/08/2010 12:53 PMCopy HTML

Mari - 7/10
I kinda get what you were going for, but it didn't quite work. The texture is too harsh on the middle picture, and her legs are going into herself. The font could be better too.

Jake - 8.5/10
I like it. But it's crowded at the top and left, but not at the bottom right, I think if you moved the name down to that empty space it would be loads better.

Zane - I'm not gonna give you a mark for it, because personally I think it's really boring. I know it'd work in a layout and roleplay, but by itself it's plain. Really like the font you used for Drummond though - what is it?

Phoenix - 7/10
Picture placement is like whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Font is going over his face, there's blank spaces on the banner and it's crowded in the middle.

Alyssa - I can't even read her name, so yeah, font is kinda weird. And it's a bit plain, it could do with more pics.

Christine - 8/10
I really like it, good pics and effects, decent font too. Placement is a bit weird and she's all splattered on the rightmost picture.

Phoenix - 6/10
I know it's a new and funky effect, but I just don't like it, personal opinion! Lol. The font for Winterborn is cute though, what's it called?

Mari - 6.5/10
Placement is a bit weird. I don't get the x things at all - unless she's in DX.... Lol. It could do with more effects and I don't like the font much.
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