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Date Posted:09/07/2011 3:57 AMCopy HTML

xx.about the version
number.  19
face.  Ian Somerhalder
why.  Um, just look at him
coming down.  not sure
previous. stacy keibler, stephanie mcmahon, christina aguilera, scarlett johanssen, randy orton, carmen electra, paris hilton, melina, trish stratus, jensen ackles, shelly martinez, elisha cuthbert, tyra banks, melina again, jake gyllenhaal, christy hemme, maria, fall out boy
put up; 9th july 2o11 after more than 2 years of FOB!
next.  we'll see


xx.about me
.  Nikki
age.  23
residing.  melbourne, victoria, australia!
loves.  fall out boy; mcfly; my friends; green day; cody rhodes; ted dibiase; motor city machine guns; one tree hill; wrestlemania!; desperate housewives; smallville; maroon 5; harry potter; friends =D; the vampire diaries; true blood
hates.  liars; backstabbers; supposed 'reputations'

xx.design info
names in use.
  twizted kizzez, tears in vain
other names.  vain illusion
retired names.  secret desire, frozted kizzez
designs.  male and female banners/blends, layouts
designing since.  early 2oo2


1. Please provide me with HIGH QUALITY IMAGES for your banners! And please do not just link me, I hate searching for pictures so I will NOT do it, post them and if they're not suitable I will tell you.
2. Do not request more than one of each type of graphic per day, eg, maximum of one banner/blend per person per day and only FIVE pending requests on my board at one time, there are plenty other designers here that will take your requests, and it's really annoying when I have about 15 to do and they have none, plus this way it's less work for me =D
3. Where it says 'Read The Rules' on the banner/blend form put the name of one thing Ian Somerhalder's been in (it isn't hard) For the layout form, his name and your name backwards
4. I will NOT make Fed banners, at a push I will make couple banners, as in two people, but I won't make any sort of fed banners, I hate them with a passion.
5. I will NOT make banners of for example, Lita's little sister, who uses Lita for the face, or Trish's sister who uses Torrie for a face or whatever. Created characters are fine, but no frigging 'relatives' of superstars. It's annoying.
6. About tagging banners for your use only, I will only tag for your use only if it is a REAL person, for example making a Stacy Keibler banner for someone. If you have a made up character called Leah Turnbull using Torrie Wilson's face, what's the odds someone will have the exact same character with the exact same face? Exactly.
7. Do NOT put 'Whatever' on ANY part of your banner. YOU tell me what you want, otherwise you get a 50x100 bogey green coloured banner, understood?

xx.banner/blend guidelines
Your Name: Obvious
To be used at: Linkie here
Face used: Name here
Pictures Used: Below, no links!
Size: 600x400, 550x350, TELL ME
Main Text: Usually the name
Slogan: Any saying or lyrics
Banner Colour[s]: TELL ME
Style: Slutty, Grungy, Girly, etc. TELL ME
Etc: Any extras?
Read the rules?: Did you?

xx.layout guidelines
Your Name: Obvious
To be used at: Linkie here
Banner Used: Please post the banner
Simple or Fancy?: 
Simple (first post) Fancy
Roleplay Table?: Yes? Tell me what you want in it
Warning?: If yes, tell me what you want as the warning
Slogan: If you want a slogan on it
Colours: If you can get HTML codes that would be awesome
Etc: Any extras?
Read the rules?: Did you? I'm not the same code as the banner form

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