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Date Posted:09/08/2010 2:49 AMCopy HTML

Dtop.jpg picture by edivinity
This is an html top. Made as a request wasnt sure about it never done the goth look before.
Nyxtop.png picture by edivinity
Made this for a friend. Also an html top.
Tiaratop.png picture by edivinity
Also made for a friend. Kinda dont know how i feel about it. Again html top.
Saratop.png picture by edivinity
Also made for a friend. Try to go preppy and simple with it. And html top.
Taratop.png picture by edivinity
Ok was going for the girly preppy yet sweet look.

Have at them.

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Re:Some to rate!

Date Posted:09/08/2010 5:29 PMCopy HTML

Okay, I'll take a stab at these.

Daphney:  You're placement seems a little off, maybe switching the pictures would have been a little more seemless.  The texture is a little harsh, and I know you said it was goth, but that doesn't mean wash out the colors with a heavy grey texture.  Can't say I'm in love with the font, or even in like with it.  BUT, I do love the purple that you used. 

Nyx:  Like the colors, to an extent.  It seems a little washed out.  Placement is weird again, which is more to do with the pics you used than the actual placemetn.  Her weird arms are just off.  The slogan should probably be in a different font than the name and the name needs something to help it stand out, a shadow or an outline.

Tiara:  If the texture had been just a bit softer on this one, it would have worked out rather nicely.  The little star brush, well you over used it.  I can also see a lot of the background on the pictures.  That's the problem with using an eraser rather than a clone brush, no one is perfect and background always shows up, to varrying degrees.  Don't like the Arrrr Matey font on this one.  Maybe something scripty and cute would be a little better, and with something to make it stand out from the rest of the piece.

Sara:  I'd almost say this is my favorite of the group.  The placement is good.  You hit simple pretty close to being right on the head.  However, it's the same thing I keep saying about the fonts, an outline or a shadow would make the name pop more and a different font for the slogan.  Maybe a few less of the star brush too.

Tara:  Too many splotches.  If you had placed that sunburst behind the name, it would have been a great idea.  Texture is way too heavy and in certain places, she looks like she has the pox. 

And something that is present in all of them; you've used the same size for all of these.  It might be incidental, but maybe next time you could show us something in some different sizes.
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Re:Some to rate!

Date Posted:10/08/2010 12:41 PMCopy HTML

Don't suppose you want to design here do ya? =P Lol.

Daffney - 7/10
I love this one, it's so goth and purple always captures Daffney's psychotic evilness perfectly. The placement might have been better the other way around. And I'm iffy on the font, I like it for the slogan but not for the name, and maybe it would have been better purple outlined in black or vice versa because there's no other grey on the banner.

Nyx - 7/10
I love this, love the effects and the colour. As above, the pictures may have been better the other way around. And again I'm not keen on the font.

Tiara - 6/10
Nice colour but really too sparkly for me. And a bit too yellow. And I just don't like her, lol. And to be blunt, the font really sucks on this banner, sorry.

Sara - 8/10
I love the effects and the colours on it. The only thing letting it down really is the font. Oh and the random sparkles at the right hand side, you look like you were thinking about doing sparkles on the banner and started at the right but then forgot about it.

Tara - 5.5/10
Really don't like it. Too much going on, colours are great but they don't blend. placement is good. But effects are just wrong. I don't like the font much either.
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Re:Some to rate!

Date Posted:10/08/2010 9:11 PMCopy HTML

Thanks for advice. I think its really helping with the backgrounds. I know i suck at matching fonts. Sure ill go make an application. xD
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