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Date Posted:30/04/2017 3:10 PMCopy HTML

So as you all have probably noticed, this site hasn't really been active for the past year or so, I'm sure that's to us (the designers, and the requesters) getting a bit older and changing their focus in life (yay, bills and full time minimum wage jobs!) so I have made the decision to change this from a design site, to more of a freebie site. So I will be removing the boards of the inactive designers (pretty much all of them, apart from Crystal) but I will keep all other boards open.
If you are looking for an active design site, check out Crystal's!
I will try and come on the site more often, make some more banners, do a little bit more things, but DFD has had a great run (almost 13 years!) as a design site, and I am very happy with that.
Thanks to all those who have requested in the past, feel free to use all of the banners and layouts that you like (just keep them tagged ;))
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Re:Site Update

Date Posted:03/06/2017 12:00 AMCopy HTML

This place has been one of my favorites to work at, thank you for all that you have done over the years!  I will always be checking in as long as it's here.

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