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Date Posted:05/08/2010 3:29 PMCopy HTML

1. Respect our designers, we choose to do this for free and as a hobby, if you upset one of our designers, it is likely that none of the other designers at the site will want to fill your order.

2. Do NOT alter the banner you receive in any way, if you ordered it right you wouldn't have to change it, also if you do want changes, most designers will do it if you reply within a couple of days.

3. Do NOT use a banner that was made for someone else, if they request it, it is for them and them only!

4. No advertising, you may ask to affiliate with us by going to our affiliates thread. If you advertise it will be deleted. However, designers from this site are allowed to advertise as they provide such a great service.

5. Follow the Designers personal guidelines, otherwise your request will most likely not be filled.

6. Please do not complain about how long it takes to do something, remember we do have lives away from the computer and this site.

7. Do not order from a designer who is on Hiatus, your order will not be filled and most likely will be deleted.

8. Please save your work after we have filled your order! Most of the designers don't have enough storage space to keep your order on for more than a couple of weeks, so saving is a must!

9. Never take one of our designers work and pawn it off as your own, we WILL notice it and there WILL be serious consequences.

10. No racist, sexist or prejudiced comments on any of the boards, we will not tolerate it and it will be deleted and you will be banned if we see this.

11. If you are a designer and are inactive for 3 weeks without explanation and without posting a Hiatus, you will be released from DF.

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