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Date Posted:03/11/2011 9:49 PMCopy HTML

Your Name: Adrian
To be used at: I will not put my link here.                       I'll put it over here  :D
Banner Used:
Simple or Fancy?: 
Fancy Please
Roleplay Table?: Yes- OOC:, My Forsaken Theater: 
Warning?: Warning, you will slowly slip into a deep coma-like state. Welcome to my world. You may do as you wish, make yourself comfortable. Your body has been left behind, for only I need your mind. Don't worry though, it is still standing where you left it, unharmed. Just sit back and relax as my performance slips you deeper into my little world.
Slogan: The Broken Ace: A Forsaken Theater
Colours: #951820  #d00a17  #000000
Etc: Could you use a blood pattern like on the banner at all? If not, no big deal.
Read the rules?: Ian Somerhalder, Nairda
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