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Date Posted:27/05/2010 10:41 PMCopy HTML

Not thrilled about this one, so I deff. wanted feedback on this one.

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Re:Ratings Round 2

Date Posted:28/05/2010 1:42 AMCopy HTML


Krys: I’m torn with this one. I like the color scheme, but the fonts let me down. The placement of the pictures don’t really work. It’s close, but not quite there.

Phoenix 1: I don’t like the font, but it’s close on other aspects. The clip pics, I like. Maybe if it had been only one pic on the left rather than two.

Phoenix 2: Font’s okay, don’t like the effects on it tho. The gas mask, it’s a little odd. I like the color tho. The lines are cleaner, which is a high point.

Myra: The grey was the wrong color to use. Don’t like the background. And the lines are choppy, keeping a little of the original backgrounds on it will help. And she looks like she’s grabbing her own boob.

Tyson: I like the main pic and the name font, but I don’t like the slogan font. The texture is too heavy. You’re also over using the outline on the pics.

Shawn: The last name font is good, but the first name isn’t. I like the center pic but the other two just don’t work.

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Re:Ratings Round 2

Date Posted:29/05/2010 3:55 PMCopy HTML

Krys - 6/10
I think it needs more. I like what you've done with the grey and red, but it needs more, textures, brushes, anything. And the font... the font is bad, the effect on the font could have worked with an outline. The slogan font is good but the outline isn't.

Phoenix 1 - 8/10
For a "plain" banner I really like it. The grey main pictures with the gold belt strangely works. On the three side pictures the middle one is bugging me a little because it's like an arm and head are sitting on top of the other picture, it's weird. The font is great on this one =)

Phoenix 2 - 8/10
I like the weird gasmask thing, the picture placement and colours are all great. The colour of the text isn't great though, it might have been better the darker yellow/orangey colour. This one could also have used more effects I think.

Myra - 7/10
I love that she's grabbing her own boob! I'm guessing that's what you were going for. The texture you've used on the background isn't the greatest. I like the font but not the colour. I don't like the font for the slogan, maybe you should try pixel fonts? And like Kat said the main picture isn't as clean as it could be.

Tyson - 8/10
I like the colours, really like the colours. The placement of the right pic looks off though, it could have been further to the right cause there's a little bit of a gap. I like both fonts, but not together, you should have had it one or the other really. The texture's not the greatest either.

Shawn - 6.5/10
This one is screaming out for more effects on it. The picture placement s really off for me on this one because Edge's face is covered in both pictures by his shoulders. There's also a line on the top of the left pic where the original picture ended. I'm not too sure about the colouring on the main pic either, it might have worked if it was all or none.
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