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Date Posted:16/01/2013 6:40 PMCopy HTML


Okay your ooc stuff goes here.. I know you put a lot of crap here, but you can do that cause i don't remember it all, lol.


Role play goes here... Okay here you are, you're lucky I was nice and did this like this.... This is such a huge pain in the ass, lol but yeah, enjoy it...Thanks for requesting...

Blood Passion



Okay here you go... I'm not really all that sure about this one, I hope you like it... Its green at least, lol... Thanks for requesting...



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Re:Rate please

Date Posted:04/03/2013 7:22 AMCopy HTML

 Eric;; I really like this. The brightness. You know me and brightness xD The colours look great as well! The slogan could have been a bit bigger but I like it! 9/10

Jade;; simple... 10/10 xD
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