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Date Posted:30/05/2010 7:46 AMCopy HTML

BlankMayrse.png picture by Real_Deal_bucket

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Re:Raiting Round Three

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You are getting better. Three pictures look good the 4th on the far right looks stretched out. Instead of using so many pictures why not start off with 2 or 3. Also you might wanna try m essing with different effects and textures
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Re:Raiting Round Three

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I can't tell you this enough apparently.  Stop resizing pictures.  You haven't quite figured out the way to do it yet and it ALWAYS distorts the pictures.  Ask Jon how to use the resize tool properly on CS.  Also with your placement, try to think about both the occupied space and the negative space.  The negative space should be roughly equal between each picture.  Another thing, line the bottoms of pics up with the bottom of the piece in general.  Your left two pics show negative space between them and the border, which is a no no.
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