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Date Posted:19/01/2013 7:28 PMCopy HTML

To DFD members and all those that visit here to read shit,

The reason that I am posting this is because there's some shit that Norm (Viper, Mack, Julie, and etc......) and I have been having problems with the system since our daughter, Elizabeth, was born. We have been lied about and to a branch of people within the Department of Human Services called Child Protective Services. When our daughter was born, they told us that our house and the way we were, well, we were unfit to raise a child in the house that I (stubbornly because I refused to go tot the hospital because I didn't know what was going on.) gave birth to her in and especially me for not knowing and recognizing the symptoms of my pregnancy. For many year, Norm and I have been told that it would never happen because of my syndrome called Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Here's a link to fully understand what I have:


To make a long story short, our CPS worker and her boss has been harassing us and his sister started two petitions on Change.org to get them fired for harassment and to get the welfare law here in Michigan reformed to protect low to middle class families from what we have been going through with CPS and DHS. Please sign these petitions and pass the link around to get this to happen. No family has to go through what Norm and I have been through just because we are poor and happen to have a child. I don't ask much from you guys but this would help Norm and I out a lot. Here's the links to those petitions to sign and pass around.



If this was to come to pass, I would be a very happy woman truly and finally. Thank you for taking the time out and read this. It means a lot to Norm and I. :D Have a great day and may GOD bless you.

Whitney Marret-Vladimir
Mary Elizabeth Decker

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Re:Please Read!

Date Posted:19/01/2013 11:43 PMCopy HTML

 as soon as I get to my computer I will hon. I am a PCOS sufferer myself so I know how it is... I had a rough pregnancy myself from it. Hopefully change occurs from this! *hugs*  
Abrianya Vega
Shay :)
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Re:Please Read!

Date Posted:20/01/2013 3:35 AMCopy HTML

Exactly my sentiments.. I was told I'd never be able to have kids because of my PCOS coupled with my Hypothyroid.. WELLLL about that. Signed both for you... I can't believe DCFS can get away with this kind of crap. :(
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Re:Please Read!

Date Posted:21/01/2013 11:07 AMCopy HTML

 Signed and shared on facebook
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