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Date Posted:01/12/2010 6:17 AMCopy HTML

Made this for a new character I was thinking about using for feds

Made for Chrissy

Made for Keith and I usually hate how John CEna Banners come out but this one came out good

Made for a Challange at another board

MAde for someone as a request for a signature. They wanted a whorish/glam feel to it

My New Version

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Re:More Ratings lol im glutten for punishment

Date Posted:02/12/2010 4:49 AMCopy HTML

Jocelyn:  I like the name, it's not something that I've seen before.  Color's good.  Texture is a little grainy.  The font, well I like the glow but I'm not sure if I like the blockiness of it. 

Summer:  This is the first time I've seen a Melina piece in purple that I thought looked good.  Again a bit grainy but I've seen that particular texture and I can't manage to use it for the life of me so kudos on that.  I like the placement.  Blocky font, not so much. 

Drew:  I gotta say this, and I'm not sure why exactly, but I like this one.  Even with the big numbers right on top of his face.  It could have been a tad bit bigger so it wasn't as squished, but then I'm not sure if it would work out the same if it was.  The blocky font works on this one.

Nattie & Madison:  I'm not a huge fan of Madison, I just don't get the point of her.  BUT, I'm so enthused about Nattie that I could care less about the other chick.  That being said...  I love everything about this banner.  Even the flowery texture.  I can't say anything even remotely negative about it.

YH:  I don't get the point of this one.  It's not anything on the design except for maybe the block on her eyes, I can't tell if it's shades or you added it...  Yea I just don't know what to say on this

Version banner:  Wow... Nattie in blue... Well it definately goes outside the box.  I like it.  I'm just not blown away by it.  The texture is subtle but the font isn't sitting right with me.  Maybe it's that white outline that I've seen way too much recently. 
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