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Date Posted:26/05/2010 8:55 AMCopy HTML

click to zoom
This is the top of one of the HTML layouts I did

click to zoom

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Re:I can has Ratings?

Date Posted:26/05/2010 12:43 PMCopy HTML

Phoenix 1 - 7/10
You're only getting big points because the font is awesome. I don't like the camouflage background, although I guess if the Birdman was in the army it'd make sense. I think you could have maybe done more with it because it doesn't scream "wow" to me.

Leaky - 8/10
Cool effects, colours and font and placement. Looks like it goes well with the bg of the HTML as well, but again I think it maybe could have used a little more effects.

Phoenix 2 - 6.5/10
It's kinda weird... He looks really dark in the front picture but it's just random photos in the background so it kinda contradicts itself. The font is a bit iffy as well IMO.

Drew - 6/10
Too green and not enough effects. It's kinda like you just coloured in all of Kurt Angle's things green and shoved the PSDs on a green background and didn't do anything else with it.
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Re:I can has Ratings?

Date Posted:26/05/2010 10:17 PMCopy HTML

Prepare to chunk things. You asked for opinions, you get them.

Phoenix 1: I’ll give ya the font, that’s it. I understand your point behind this, but at the same time, the second picture is pretty much filler. And if you’re going to do a single pic banner, the pic should pop a little bit more.

Leaky: Weird effin name. Good banner. Though maybe a little less texture on the right pic. But other than that, this one pretty much works. Except the fact that I would have brought his head on the left up to the border, that little white line there is just bugging me.

Phoenix 2: Your mane Christian pic in this is great. But the pictures in frames and the grey, I just don’t love. Action pics would have probably been better than just random “snap shots”. And I don’t like the buttonize on the font. Never have, never will. Especially on one that thin.

Drew: Ones like this are the reason’s why I don’t put numbers for ratings. I just don’t like this one. I don’t really like anything about it. It’s naked, no textures no effects. You used PSDs. Yes I can tell. They’re well cut but they are what they are. Removing the leftmost pic would help it, and probably allow you to keep the target thingy on there, which I for the life of me don’t get the point of. I’d say use clone brush rather than just placing PSDs but you use adobe and I’m not sure if it has that or not.

Again, I remember some of your earlier work. Some of these are better. Part of me wants to say, “you can do better” especially with that last one. And you can come back and say #$@* %&)^& (or any combination of explicative’s you’d like) but you and I both know that I’m right.


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Re:I can has Ratings?

Date Posted:26/05/2010 11:43 PMCopy HTML

Nah, I'm not gonna chuck things, Kat. I asked for ratings/feedback, and I got it. Thanks to both of you.

For Phoenix 1, the intent was just for something a little simpler than what I had been working on, and the camo idea didn't even come until later after I was studying the pics I was using for a bit, and thought it would be kinda cool since he had the army-lookin jacket on.

On Leaky, I saw the little line you were talkin about up in the corner. i honestly didn't even notice that little part until you said something, and now i can't stop looking at it, and facepalming myself over why that's still there. haha

Phoenix 2, I thought this was the best of the bunch. It was the first time i had worked with a style like this, and I thought it came out really good for a first time. I think I'll go back and tinker around with this a bit tonight, and re-submit it.

Drew was the one i knew was going to get nailed, but I ended up putting a lot of time into the detail work, which is why I put it up here. The main thing with the target was to have the proverbial target on his head all the time, although it looks like the meaning got lost somewhere.

Anywho, thanks for the ratings from you two. :-)
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