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Date Posted:18/06/2011 5:24 PMCopy HTML

[Hey people! I used to design at DFD (back on msn), just wanted to post some of my latest work. Enjoy and please rate! And sorry if i posted a few too much,he he he! xox Shelly]


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Re:Here you go...

Date Posted:19/06/2011 4:29 AMCopy HTML

Wow those banners are awesome
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Re:Here you go...

Date Posted:19/06/2011 7:44 AMCopy HTML

Thank you :D
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Re:Here you go...

Date Posted:19/06/2011 12:43 PMCopy HTML

Hey Shelly! Long time no see... I didn't know you were still designing, nice to see you are =)

Amy Dumas - 9.5/10
It's awesome, the pictures help because they're just so interesting in the first place. Any way, I love the colour and effects on this, the texture and how Lita just looks so dead and creepy. Picture placement is pretty good but the erasing on some parts of the banner aren't so good, the lower left picture you can still see some white background. But I love the overall thing, the text is cool too.

Meghan - I'm not a fan of these kinds of banners so I won't give you a proper rating. These banners are just kinda plain to me, sorry!

Amber - 7/10
Ah, Hilarie Burton! I like the kind of old school 80's style of her and this banner, but I think it needs a little more, I don't know what, but it's a bit plain imo. And on the lower middle picture it doesn't seem to be erased properly. I love the text and placement!

Phoenix - 7/10
The main thing that sticks out to me is the bad erasing on the main picture, he's all fuzzy and white around the edges. The rest of the banner is good though. Not too keen on some of the picture placement, the Christian pointing over his own shoulder into the other Christian's face when that one has his tongue sticking out is more than weird lol. Text is brilliant again and I like the texture and colours.

Spike - 8/10
Yum first of all, lol. Great picture placement except the one on the furthest right with half the girls facee, it's kinda weird. I love the colours and the text. The erasing problem pops up again though.

Kara - 8.5/10
I love this one, not just because I love Velvet ha, but the colour, the effects, the text, it all fits so well together. I'm not sure I like the two small pics of Velvet on the right side or the placement in general, but it does work.

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