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Date Posted:22/08/2010 8:05 AMCopy HTML

request1.png request#1 picture by moon_willow101
lilianhartforjess-1.png lilian hart! picture by moon_willow101
lexiistarr.jpg picture by moon_willow101
veronicatop.jpg picture by moon_willow101

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Re:Critic please!

Date Posted:22/08/2010 1:07 PMCopy HTML

My main point to you would have to be to download some new fonts from and to play around with them alot. A lot of the time it takes me longer to find a matching font than it does to make the banner. Also, apologies if I sound bitchy or mean, it's not my intention!

Angelica - 4.5/10
It would have been better to use a texture than to use the brush - particularly the ladies, I get it's supposed to be sexy but I just don't think it looks right. The flowers are a bit weird too, they cover most of her face, though I like how one is placed on her butt, lol. Don't like the font, or the font placement. Maybe if you'd used drop shadow on the font to make it stand out, rather than the outline?

Lilian - 7/10
I think it's a really good banner, nice colours, well blended, food use of texture. Although I don't get the blue brushes on it, the peace signs, the butterflies, the star, that lady again, lol. Maybe they would have been better in a white or a yellow, or just them not being there at all. And I hate hate hate the text. The font is bad, the colours don't match the banner and it would be better down at the bottom, probably in a corner. Also there's a white gap underneath the two leftmost pictures.

Lexii - 4/10
I'm sorry, I just don't like this one at all. It's all brush, no texture, which can work, but doesn't here. Plus the background colour is red and you use pink, it looks weird. Again, the font doesn't look right.

Veronica - 7/10
On first look I really liked it, but then I couldn't help but stare at all of the little diamonds, if it's a brush you should maybe have made it a little more transparent? But I think the brushes work well on this HTML top, it's nice, and I would be happy if I got this after requesting. The font as well looks great.

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Re:Critic please!

Date Posted:22/08/2010 8:19 PMCopy HTML

all right i see what your saying thanks for the rating ill try to do better:D
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