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Date Posted:13/05/2010 1:45 PMCopy HTML

Name: Matt
Designer Name: N.E.GFX
Age: 22
E-Mail Address: wolverene3_87@hotmail.com
Places where you have worked: I owned my design site, worked at Pure Essence Design
Why you want to work here: to get better at banners
What you design: Banners,Layouts
What program you use: Corel x3
How long have you been designing: 1 week
8-10 Samples:
SG.jpg picture by Real_Deal_bucket

ShawnGuerrero.png picture by Real_Deal_bucket

MR.png picture by Real_Deal_bucket

MickieJames.png picture by Real_Deal_bucket

CandiceMichelle.png picture by Real_Deal_bucket
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Date Posted:14/05/2010 1:13 PMCopy HTML

I think you're great for someone who's been designing for just a week.
I have a couple of tips for ya though. When you're making pictures bigger or smaller, make sure the x and y are at the same percentage so that your people don't go too long or too wide. Also you should try using textures over the pictures and playing around with the properties (I don't know how that works on your program) You should also check out dafont.com for some more fonts.
But apart from that, you're doing really well and you'll do better with more practise =)

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