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Date Posted:13/05/2010 12:17 AMCopy HTML

Name: Ashley
Designer Name: Charmed_Diva
Age: 24
E-Mail Address: charmed_diva_2006@hotmail.com
Places where you have worked: I had two of my own designs sites, and I've worked at a site can't remember the name though
Why you want to work here: I'm really bored, and need something to occupy the time
What you design: Banners, HTMLS, and crappy boxes that I like to call layouts.
What program you use: Corel x2
How long have you been designing: 6-7 years
8-10 Samples:

NellyFreebie1.jpg picture by RIP_Popo

Beyonce1.jpg picture by RIP_Popo

MeaganFox.jpg picture by RIP_Popo

MaryseTop.jpg picture by RIP_Popo

This freebie was made by Charmed Diva, and as always is free for anyone to use. Need a name, or slogan I will gladly help you out.

MayseBottom.jpg picture by RIP_Popo

LitaTop.jpg picture by RIP_Popo

OKay. I found this one in my photobucket. It was in my request folder so I'm not sure if anyone is using it. If someone is still using this please let me know, but if not it is a freebie for anyone who wants to use it, but as is. I cannot change the name. Thanks.

LitaBottom.jpg picture by RIP_Popo

MichelleMcCoolTop.jpg picture by RIP_Popo

The following banner, and layout was made by, Charmed diva, and is free for anyones use. Need a name, or slogan on it? Come ask, and I'll be happy to assist you.

MichelleMcCoolBottom.jpg picture by RIP_Popo

FaithMcKenzieFreebieChange.jpg picture by RIP_Popo

Hope this is enough =)

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Date Posted:14/05/2010 12:58 PMCopy HTML


I really like your banners and would love to have a html designer on the team =D I will create your board and make you an admin in a few moments. Glad to have you on the team =)
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Date Posted:14/05/2010 10:17 PMCopy HTML

Awww thanks! I'll add my stuff in a bit
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